Department of International Projects and Programs | ХАІ
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Department of International Projects and Programs
of the National Aerospace University
"Kharkiv Aviation Institute"

International Projects and Programmes Office provides support in securing research funding for collaborative projects between KhAI and international partners.

We focus on international funding sources, paying specific attention to Horizon 2020, the biggest programme which funds research and innovation activities in Europe.

Our services:

Proposal preparation

If you intend to prepare a proposal for competitive research grant, International Projects and Programmes Office can assist you in:

- identification of proper funding source, instrument or call;

- consortium building and communication with partners;

- proposal preparation and submission regarding administrative, managerial, legal and financial issues.

Our team is experienced in proposal writing and has the deep understanding of EU practices, peculiarities, strategies and research landscape.

We can give you advice that might make your proposal stronger and more competitive.

Information and Networking

One of our key priorities is to stimulate KhAI participation in research programmes. For this purpose, we regularly inform KhAI’s research community on funding opportunities, open calls, relevant events, etc. through e-mail newsletter and information workshops.

Also, we use all emerging opportunities (both on-line and during relevant events) to network with European and global research communities in different fields and promote KhAI’s research capabilities.

International project management

Implementation of an internationally-funded project brings a big burden to the research team when it comes to administrative, legal, financial, and communication problem solving.

We have experience in implementation and management of externally funded projects taking into account internal and national peculiarities, practices and regulations.


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