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International scientific cooperation
of the National Aerospace University
"Kharkiv Aviation Institute"

KhAI is a recognized scientific center, the activity of which is focused on innovative developments in the field of aviation and cosmonautics and other high-tech industries. We have experience of cooperation with such organizations as AIRBUS, ONERA, Thales Alenia, Boeing, EOARD, IAI, AVIC, etc.

KhAI has gained worldwide recognition in various fields of research thanks to its understanding of the current needs of society, as well as the opportunities of the future. The interdisciplinary research strategy of our university is based on this understanding.

Bilateral cooperation

Our scientific teams are actively involved in bilateral international cooperation in the field of aviation, aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, ICT, energy and many others. The university regularly carries out research projects commissioned by or in cooperation with leading research and industrial organizations in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, etc.

Framework programs of the European Union

Since 2006, special attention has been paid to joint international research projects financed by the Framework Programs of the European Union (RP6, RP7, Horizon 2020). Participation in such projects increases the experience of scientific employees, stimulates promising developments and supports the integration of our university into the European scientific community.

Scientific teams of KhAI participated in 2 RP6 projects and 5 RP7 projects. Also, 2 projects of the "Horizon 2020" program are currently being implemented.

EU Framework Program projects

Our scientific teams are always happy for new cooperation that will stimulate innovation and solve problems arising in high-tech industries.

You can get acquainted with the possibilities of cooperation
and areas of scientific activity of the university by following the link.

If you are interested in establishing international
scientific-research cooperation with KhАІ,
you can contact the
department of international projects and programs.

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