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Following the spirit of the multifaceted activities and continuing the academic traditions of the classical Ukrainian education, our University strives to maximally reveal the potential of its teachers and students, which is promoted by active scientific and scientific and practical work, involving the exchange of experience and knowledge, participation in the expert community.

Scientific-research part

Science in universities is an important segment of the science of the state. In the system of higher education the significant scientific potential of Ukraine is concentrated - 68.9% of doctors of sciences and 72.6% of candidates of sciences.

The mission and relevance of university science in the successful development of the education sector and the state has its own specifics. It is associated with at least three uses.

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The science
Postgraduate and doctoral studies

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The science

National Aerospace University. NE Zhukovsky "Kharkov Aviation Institute" is the founder of scientific publications:

  • Scientific and technical journal "Aerospace Engineering and Technology";
  • Scientific and technical journal "Radio-electronic and computer systems";
  • Collection of scientific works "Problems of design and production of aircraft structures";
  • Collection of scientific works "Open information and computer integrated technologies";
  • Collection of scientific works "Humanities Journal."
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The science

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