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All specialties for which students are trained
at the National Aerospace University
"Kharkiv Aviation Institute"

029 Information, Library and Archival Studies  033 Philosophy 035 Philology

051 Economics  053 Psychology 071 Accounting and Taxation

072 Finance, Banking and Insurance 072 Finance, Banking, Insurance and Stock Market  073 Management

075 Marketing 076 Business, Trade and Exchange Activities 076 Business and Trade

081 Law 101 Environmental Studies 103 Earth Sciences

113 Applied Mathematics 121 Software Engineering 122 Computer Science

123 Computer Engineering 124 System Analysis 125 Cyber Security

125 Cyber Security and Information Protection 126 Information System sand Technologies 131 Applied Mechanics

132 Materials Science  133 Industrial Machinery Engineering 134 Aerospace Engineering

141 Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics  142 Power Machinery 144 Thermal Power Engineering

151 Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies  152 Metrology and Information Measuring Technology 153 Micro- and Nanosystem Technology

163 Biomedical Engineering  172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering 172 Electronic Communications and Radio Engineering

173 Avionics Automation, Computer-Integrated Technologies and Robotics Information and Measurement Technologies

Micro- and Nanosystem Technology 193 Geodesy and Land Management  262 Law Enforcement

272 Aviation Transport 274 Motor Vehicle Transport  281 Public Management and Administration

292 International Economic Relations

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