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Psychological service

was established in 2018 by the Order of the Rector

The head of the psychological service is Olga Odokienko

Phone: +380 96 292 1663

Working with a psychologist provides an opportunity:

- get to know yourself better (your character, abilities, capabilities, personality type, etc.);

- learn to understand yourself and your experiences and adequately express feelings;

- to love yourself and life;

- get rid of fears, feelings, feelings of loneliness and other unpleasant feelings;

- learn how to maintain or restore mental balance;

- to become confident in themselves, in their abilities;

- learn to set goals and achieve the goal;

- learn to independently organize educational activities and achieve successful results;

- learn to understand other people and their problems;

- learn how to establish relationships with others and keep them;

- to form skills of effective communication;

- learn to avoid conflicts and "correctly" get out of them;

- find a way out of a problematic situation.

Forms of work and basic principles of organization of psychological service

Psychological counseling

Психологічне консультування


Psychological counseling is an interaction of a psychologist with students, during which the problem is determined, ways to solve it, new patterns of behavior are formed, and the student receives psychological support and peace of mind. The consultation usually lasts 50-60 minutes. If further individual counseling is needed, meetings are organized weekly, twice a week, or at other intervals, as needed. All decisions on further counseling are agreed jointly between the student and the psychologist. The time of the first meeting can be agreed via e-mail, phone, or in person with a psychologist. The psychologist adheres to professional ethical standards regarding the confidentiality of information. 



On-line consulting

Он-лайн консультування



You can ask a question to a psychologist and get an answer via e-mail or phone +380 96 292 1663.





Psychological diagnosis (individual and group)

Психологічна діагностика



Psychodiagnostic work involves the implementation of various methods, tests, questionnaires in order to identify individual characteristics, interpersonal relationships, intellectual abilities, etc.




Psycho-correctional work

Психокорекційна робота



Psycho-correctional work is a tactful intervention in the processes of mental and personal development of the student in order to correct deviations in these processes, and often affects not only the personality.




Psychoprophylactic work

Психопрофілактична робота



Psychoprophylactic work is a measure aimed at maintaining mental health; timely prevention of deviations in interpersonal relationships, prevention of conflict situations in the educational process, prevention of drug addiction, alcoholism, immoral lifestyle.




Educational work

Просвітницька робота



Educational work is an explanation of current psychological issues, improving the psychological culture of students. It happens during:

- meetings with student groups (for example, as part of curatorial hours),

- informational talks, lectures and round tables of psychological orientation for students. 



Psychocorrectional, educational and psychoprophylactic work is carried out, in particular, in the form of socio-psychological training. Psychological trainings give participants the opportunity to master psychological knowledge, certain skills and abilities that allow them to solve their internal personal problems, issues of interaction with others, as well as make their lives more effective in general and use the acquired knowledge in their professional activities. curatorial hours, at the request of participants (students, representatives of student government, curators, teachers, university administration), as well as at the initiative of the psychological service (relevant ads are posted on the university website and bulletin boards). 

Approximate topics of psychological training:

"Self-knowledge and self-development"

"Self-confidence-assertiveness training"

"Effectiveness in interpersonal relationships"

"Psychology of women and men"

"Team building"

"Intercultural dialogue"

"Emotional intelligence"



"Effective self-presentation"


"Training of adaptation and cohesion of the team"

"Conflict Resolution Training"

"Healthy lifestyle"


"Communication skills"


In its activities, the psychological service is guided:

Constitution of Ukraine,

Laws of Ukraine, in particular, the Law "On Education" and "On Higher Education",

Regulations on psychological service in the education system of Ukraine dated 03.05.99 № 127 and 922/4215 and amendments dated 07.06.01 № 439 and 570/5761 to the Regulations on psychological service in the education system of Ukraine.

Regulations on psychological service - Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 02.07.2009 №616 registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 23.07.2009 for № 687/16703

Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1248 of 30.12.2009 "On improving the socio-pedagogical and psychological support of the educational process in higher bulk institutions of III-IV levels of accreditation."

Acts of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.