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Department of Educational Work of the National Aerospace University

In the conditions of democratization and integration of Ukraine, reforming of educational branch the new concept of education of youth is formed.

The core of the whole system of education in Ukraine is the idea that plays the role of a unifying consolidating factor in social development, aimed at developing a person's life position, becoming a person as a citizen of his country.

Education consists in the formation of a young person as a citizen of Ukraine, regardless of his ethnicity. At the same time in the context of globalization, Ukraine's entry into the European space, the process of education should ensure the involvement of young people in world culture and universal values and norms, tolerance of other points of view, understanding of differences between people in culture, life and customs. peoples and between ethnic, religious and other groups.

The purpose of education is to form a harmoniously developed person, highly educated, socially active, endowed with deep civic responsibility, high spiritual qualities, family and patriotic feelings, who is the bearer of the best achievements of national and world culture, capable of self-development and self-improvement.

Formation of the intelligentsia, assistance in the enrichment and renewal of the nation's intellectual gene pool, education of the spiritual elite - the task facing the scientific and pedagogical team on a par with the training of highly qualified specialists.

Educational work in KhAI is carried out on the basis of democracy, using the educational potential of student government and aims to ensure the harmonious holistic development of the individual capable of self-education, self-development, independent thinking, social choice and life through cooperation of parents with parents and NGOs.


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