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Scientific monographs
of the National Aerospace University

The team of authors led by Viacheslav Kharchenko  "Cyber Resilience of Industrial Systems and IT Infrastructures".

The team of authors led by Maksym Zhydko "Human and Technology in Digital Space of Modern Culture".

The team of authors led by Oleh Baranov "Designing, testing and manufacturing of aircraft engines and power plants".

The team of authors led by Hanna Spitsyna "Legal and security aspects of aerospace industry: challenges of the 21st century".

The team of authors led by Vladymyr Lukin and Semen Zhyla "Methods and applications of signal/image processing in remote sensing" ("Methods and tools of signal/image processing for Earth monitoring from airborne and spaceborne platforms").

The team of authors led by Tetiana Kalinesku "Innovate diffusion of the socio-economic systems".

The team of authors led by Ihor Turkin "The main challenges, solutions, and benefits of the software ecosystems" 

The team of authors led by Dmytro Krytskyi "Integrated technologies for aerospace engineering development" та "Artificial intelligence methods in the tasks of creating technical systems".

The team of authors led by Serhii Kurennov "Statics and Dynamics of Layered Thin-Walled Structures".

The team of authors led by Serhii Yakovlev"Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization" та "Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare".



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