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Masters degree courses




Faculty of Aircraft Engineering

122 Computer Sciences

Information Technologies of  Design

134 Aviation and Aerospace Engineering

Airplanes and Helicopters

272 Aviation Transport

Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Aircraft Engines (Aircraft Maintenance)

Faculty of Aircraft Engines

134 Aviation and Aerospace Engineering

Technologies of Design and Manufacturing of Aircraft engines and power units

142 Power Engineering

Gas-Turbine Units and Compressor Stations

Faculty of Aircraft Control Systems

122 Computer Sciences

Intelligent Systems and Technologies

Computerization of Information Processing and Management

151 Automation and Computer-Integrated Engineering

Mobile Applications Engineering

Computer Vision Systems

Computer-Integrated Technological Processes and Manufacturing

152 Metrology and Information and Measurement Technology

Quality, Standardization and Certification

173 Avionics

Aircraft Autonomous Navigation and Adaptive Control Systems

272 Aviation Transport

Intelligent Transport Systems

Faculty of Rocket and Space Engineering

134 Aviation and Aerospace Engineering

Design and Production of Structures Made of Composite Materials

Rocket Engines and Power Plants

Rocket and Space Complexes

Satellites, Engines and Power Plants

141 Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanics

Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources

Faculty of Radioelectronics, Computer Systems and Infocommunications

123 Computer Engineering

Computer Systems and Networks

Programmable Mobile Systems and Internet of Things

Systems Programming

125 Cybersecurity

Security of Information and Communication Systems

163 Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Program Science and Electronics

172 Telecommunications and Radioengineering

Information Networks of Communications

Faculty of Program Engineering and Business

051 Economics

Business Economics

World Economics

071 Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and Taxation

072 Finance, Banking and Insurance

Finance, Banking and Insurance

073 Management



Project Management

075 Marketing


Faculty of Humanities and Law

053 Psychology

Psychology and Psychotherapy