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Academic Integrity
at the National Aerospace University
"Kharkiv Aviation Institute"

The academic community of the University recognizes academic integrity as the fundamental value of educational and scientific processes and is obliged to adhere to generally recognized norms of ethics, morality, standards in the spheres of educational, research and educational activities, to respect the dignity of persons who work and study at the University, to support the system of democratic relations between all representatives of the university community, to contribute to the improvement of the moral and psychological climate in the team, to direct their actions to strengthen the authority and positive image of the University.

The system for ensuring academic integrity is an integral part of the internal system for ensuring the quality of higher education of the University and includes:

1) measures aimed at familiarizing students with the concept and requirements for the performance of written works;

2) mechanisms for detecting violations of the academic integrity of education seekers;

3) the procedure for bringing the participants of the educational process to academic responsibility.

Participants in the educational process in their academic activities must adhere to generally accepted moral and ethical norms and rules of conduct, as well as:

- independently perform educational tasks, tasks of current and final control of learning results (for persons with special educational needs, this requirement is applied taking into account their individual needs and capabilities), except for cases when such tasks involve group work;

- refer to sources of information in the case of using ideas, developments, statements, information;

- to comply with the legislation on copyright and related rights;

- to provide reliable information about the results of one's own educational (scientific, creative) activities, used research methods and sources of information;

- teachers must monitor compliance with academic integrity by students;

- teachers must objectively evaluate the results of training.

Violation of academic integrity at the University is considered to be:

- academic plagiarism - publishing (partially or completely) scientific results obtained by other persons as the results of one's own research and/or reproduction of published texts of other authors without indicating authorship;

- self-plagiarism - publishing (partially or completely) one's own previously published scientific results as new scientific results;

- fabrication - fabrication of data or facts used in the educational process or scientific research;

- falsification - deliberate change or modification of already available data related to the educational process or scientific research;

- writing off - performance of written works involving external sources of information other than those permitted for use, in particular during the evaluation of learning outcomes;

- deception - provision of knowingly false information regarding one's own educational and/or scientific activity or the organization of the educational process; forms of cheating are, in particular, academic plagiarism, self-plagiarism, fabrication, falsification and plagiarism;

- academic bribery - providing (receiving) by a participant in the educational process or offering to provide (receiving) funds, property, services, benefits or any other benefits of a material or non-material nature in order to obtain an undue advantage in the educational process;

- biased assessment - deliberate overestimation or underestimation of the learning outcomes of education seekers;

- academic fraud - forging signatures in official documents (information, score books, acts, reports, agreements, etc.), passing knowledge control procedures by fake persons.

Provisions on Academic IntegrityAcademic Integrity Commission   Academic Integrity Promotion Group

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