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Requirements for registration

    Editors are provided:

    • two instances of the article, executed on demand (download
    • electronic version of the article
    • expert opinion on the ability to post;
    • statement;  
    • review
    • author information

    If the author are not able to fulfill all the requirements for the preparation of articles, it is allowed to submit the material in a free form, subject to additional payment for work related to editing.

    Each article submitted to the editorial office, in the presence of the listed documents after passing an external review, and with a positive decision of the editorial board, may be printed in the next issue of the magazine.

    Article forwarding

    1. Ordinary mail.

    Materials are sent or delivered personally to the following address:

    • Country: UKRAINE
    • Index: 61070
    • Address:   Kharkiv-70, Chkalov str., 17 , kaf.302, Editor's Edition of the journal AKTT, room. 510 radiocard
    • Phone:  +380 57 7884381, +38 067 1205222.

    2. E-mail.

    2.1. Materials can be sent to the email address:

    2.2. The rest of the documents must be sent by regular mail to the address specified in paragraph 1.