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144 Thermal Power Engineering

The objects of activity of graduates of this specialty are heat energy equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants; heat engineering equipment of industrial and communal enterprises; steam, water heating boilers; heat engines; heat and mass exchange devices; heat pump, refrigeration units; coolants and working bodies; processes of production, transformation, transmission, distribution, use of energy; heat energy equipment of energy, industry, utility facilities; thermal energy and cold supply systems; non-traditional (alternative) energy production technologies; energy accounting, regulation and automation systems; means of designing thermal power plants and systems; energy management and audit.

The purpose of training is to train specialists who are able to solve complex general, specialized tasks and practical problems in the field of heat energy or in the learning process, which involves the application of theories and methods of electrical engineering and is characterized by the complexity and uncertainty of conditions and specialists who are able to independently design and analyze modern heat energy systems; determine the optimal parameters of thermal energy devices; conduct an energy efficiency analysis and propose energy-saving measures that will contribute to reducing the use of fuel and energy and the negative impact on the environment.

Preparation is carried out at the Department of Aerospace Thermal Engineering (Department 205)

Training is conducted according to the following educational programs:

Educational programEducational degreeForm of studyTerm of study
Energy ManagementBachelor's degree based on complete general secondary educationFull-time3 years and 10 months
Computer-Integrated Technologies for Energy System Design
Engineering and operation of heat and power systemsMaster's degree, educational and professional programFull-time1 year and 4 months

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