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Summary, structure and components
of the educational and professional program
"Aircraft Engines and Power Plants"

The aviation gas turbine engine is rightfully considered the most technologically complex mechanism created by man, therefore graduates of our department are engineers of the highest class! These are people who are able to design and diagnose any technical systems of any complexity!

In the course of studying within the framework of the "Aviation engines and power plants" specialty, students learn a number of fundamental, general engineering and special disciplines. Having received fundamental knowledge in the fields of chemistry, physics, higher mathematics, engineering graphics, computer modeling in the first courses, students begin to master the theory and implement course projects in such engineering disciplines as Aviation materials science, Mechanics of materials and structures, Theory of machine mechanisms, Theory and calculation of vane machines, Theory of jet engines. After that, the course of specialized disciplines begins.

The purpose of training is to develop skills and abilities in computer modeling, design and calculation of aircraft gas turbine and piston engine designs, power plants, as well as aggregates and control systems created on their basis. Within the framework of this specialization, course projects on the design of a piston engine and one of the components of a gas turbine engine are carried out. Students receive fundamental training in the field of aircraft engines and power plants, traditional for Khai, with an emphasis on mastering and applying modern design methods and information technologies.

Aviation units are very complex and responsible systems operating in conditions of large temperature changes, overloads and vibrations. Increased requirements are placed on their reliability. Therefore, special attention is paid to their study at our department. The purpose of training is to develop the skills and abilities of calculation and computer design of fuel, oil, air and anti-icing systems, automatic control systems, executive mechanisms of automatic control systems and regulation of aircraft engines.

One of the most popular areas of student training in the world is the development and application of computer diagnostic systems for aircraft, tank and automobile engines, as well as gas turbine drives. The department has an engine diagnostics laboratory, so we teach the students of our department the latest achievements in this field:

- modern computer technologies for diagnosing the condition of technical objects

- theory of work processes

- mathematical models of engines and power plants taking into account possible operational defects

- operation of engines and installations according to their technical condition and level of reliability

- methods, algorithms and software tools for computer analysis of the technical condition of engines and units

- on-board and ground computer systems for diagnosing engines and units

Aviation and automobile engines are mechanical engineering objects that reflect high achievements in the development of new technologies and materials, automated design, work processes, construction, durability, reliability, control and diagnostics. Therefore, a diploma of an aviation engine engineer is an excellent recommendation for work in any technical field.

Graduates of our department are offered a wide choice when determining the place of their further work and development. These can be:

- enterprises of the aviation industry, such as the world-famous ANTK Antonov, OJSC "Motor Sich", ZMKB "Ivchenko-Progres", SE "Yuzhmash" and enterprises producing equipment for aviation equipment, such as "Kharkiv Aggregate KB", Corporation "FED" ";

- enterprises designing military and industrial equipment, such as SE NVKG "Zorya" - "Mashproekt", KhZTM named after Malysheva (Kharkiv Tank Plant), Kharkiv Design Bureau of Engine Construction and many others;

- educational and research institutes such as "KHAI", the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

- enterprises of the machine-building profile, which have design divisions for the improvement of manufactured products and the development of new models;

- foreign companies of a similar profile.

Guarantor of educational program:

Нижник Сергій Михайлович

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Aircraft Engine Production Technologies

Nyzhnyk Serhii

[email protected]


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