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From the first with love: Talents, reception!

October 18 at the Faculty of Rocket and Space Technology a holiday "From the first with love: Talents, reception!"

In total, six rooms from freshmen took part in the competition, in which we also saw a variety of choreography, and songs under the guitar, and theatrical scenes. Young students really got a real firework of emotions and tear off on stage for the full. We hope that we will see these talented people on the stage of the faculty and the university more than once.

During the main program there was also a video contest from the groups, voting for the winner took place on the pages of the Faculty's worksheets.

The third place was taken by the groups 414,410 and 413, the silver went to the group of 417, the group won 418th, 418, 419.


Он-лайн тестування з «Математики» і «Української мови та література» у форматі ЗНО