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HomeNewsHow is the Opera Giuseppe Verdi "AIDA" born?


How is the Opera Giuseppe Verdi "AIDA" born?

In HAI, the famous masterpiece "Aida" of the Italian composer and conductor Giuseppe Verdi took place on authentic local Egyptian material.

The first production took place in far 1871 in Cairo and had a triumphant success. Already a year later, in Milan, the composer's homeland, the first production in Italy was made.

Strength of Verdi - in the ability to reveal through a distinct melody feeling, character, situation. In "Aid", this art has reached its peaks. By insight, psychological and emotional richness, plastic clarity and charm of melodies, the central vocal episodes of the opera surpass everything that was achieved by the composer before.

Each of the heroes - Aida, Radames, Amneris, Amonasro, Ramfis - is a unique character, an image that possesses only its inherent intonational structure. And the arias, ensembles, and individual phrases perform an important and effective function.

Musical dramaturgy is all over conflict. This is an opera of dramatic clashes, a tense struggle not only between enemies, but also between lovers.

Hence the peculiar duet of "Aida" - in the direct and figurative sense. There is hardly any other opera in which there would be so many duet or "duel" of two heroes (Aida-Amneris, Aida-Amonasro, Aida-Radames, Amneris-Radames and Aida-Radames final duo). It just needs to be heard!

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