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Home News Opening of the memorial plaque to the rector of the KhAI (1962-1976)


Opening of the memorial plaque to the rector of the KhAI (1962-1976)

On October 9, the opening of the memorial plaque to Maslennikov Nikolai Arsenievich was held

    What distinguished Nikolai Arsenievich as a leader? Naturally, he paid prime importance to the material and technical base of the institute, the construction of new buildings, dormitories, sports facilities. Thanks to him there was a recreation center in the Crimea. In May 1966, the rector sought to ensure that the institute was included in the list of major structures and in the composition of the 25 basic colleges of the USSR, which subordinated directly to the Ministry of the USSR. And this gave huge advantages and opened new horizons of the university's development. In the short term, a new contest for the radio engineering faculty was put into operation, the construction of a dormitory №4 for 400 places (1962), hostel number 5 for 400 places (1963), hostel number 6 for 400 places and the house of young specialists No. 1 for 60 apartments (1964) was completed. ) In 1965, a factory-kitchen was opened for 318 seats, the construction of a sports club with a swimming pool (1969), a pulse corps (1973), hostels number 7,8,9, hostel number 10 for 1008 seats (1974), the first (1967) and the second (1974) sleeping quarters for 180 seats each in the sports and health camp of the KhAI in the village. Fisherman in the Crimea.
     But the rector's real pride was the supersonic aerodynamic laboratory (1973). This unique building became the national property of Ukraine.
     In order to improve the educational process and increase its efficiency, it is created and put into operation: the laboratory of technical means of training (1967), the editorial department (1967), the computer center (1969), the printing house (1969). The necessary conditions for creative initiative are created for students, the work of the student design office, scientific circles in the departments, and in scientific laboratories is intensified. Attention is paid to the aesthetic education of students at the student club of the weekend, the corresponding elective course is introduced into the curricula.
     The new status of the university has given impetus to the development of science. The state budget and problem laboratories (1962 and 1963), branch laboratories of the Ministry of aviation industry of the USSR (compounds of increased resource, durability) are created. The scientific base of the institute attracts the attention of other ministries. In1966, the Scientific Specialized Advice for the Defense of Candidate Degrees began to work in the KhAI, and in 1969 it was the doctoral dissertation. Nikolai Arsenievich himself was actively engaged in scientific activity. The list of his inventions of scientific and methodical works exceeds 70 titles, including 9 manuals, 21 articles.
     Nikolai Arsenievich made a huge contribution to the development of KhAI, making the high school one of the most prestigious in the former USSR. The university became a level with such educational institutions as the Moscow Higher Technical School them. Baumana The young people of the whole USSR sought to come to Kharkov to study at KhAI, despite the fact that not everyone could study here - so much was high and the level of educational and scientific programs was complicated.
     Repeatedly, the rector of the KhAI was elected a deputy of the district and city council of people's deputies, a member of the district committee and city committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Kharkiv, a delegate to the XXIII Congress of the Communist Party of Ukraine. For the successful implementation of the plans for training specialists for the national economy, public and labor activities are marked by state and government awards: the Badge of Honor (1961), the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1971), the medals "For the valorous work to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of B AND. Lenin "(1970)," For the Valuable Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 "(1946), with certificates of honor and thanksgiving.

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