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Living Expenses

The cost of market basket with all the required products amounts to 250-300 $ US.

The prices of some food products are as follows:

  • 1 kg of bread - $ 0,3-0,4;
  • 1 kg of beef - $ 5-6;
  • 1 kg of potato - $ 0,6;
  • 1 kg of cheese - $ 7-9;
  • 1 liter of milk - $ 0,8-1;
  • 10 eggs - $ 0,8;
  • 1 kg of bananas - $ 1-1,5;
  • 200 g of coffee - $4;
  • 1 kg of oranges - $ 1,5.

All the products may be bought at supermarkets or agricultural markets. There are many products from countries of Europe, Asia and Africa in the city.

The network of municipal transport is well developed – there are taxi, buses, trolley-buses, trams and the Metro (a single fare costs about $ 0,2).

There are many restaurants, cafes, bars in Kharkiv city.

A free time may be spent at museums, theatres, students' clubs, and discos.

Kharkiv is a students' center of Ukraine, ecologically pure city with numerous parks and squares. The city has all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life.

There are many cult edifices in Kharkiv. The religious rites one may celebrate in churches, mosques, Roman Catholic churches, and synagogues.

The possibility of the placement-in-the-job in Ukraine for foreign citizens is limited.

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