Radio Electronic Devices, Systems and Complexes | ХАІ
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Radio Electronic Devices, Systems and Complexes

Graduates of the Educational Program "Radio Electronic Devices, Systems and Complexes" are multi-skilled specialists, who can work in such areas as:

- satellite radio navigation systems and radio positioning with software implementation of relevant applications, additions, modules used in road, air, sea navigation; surveying; cartography and many other areas;

- programming of radio engineering data processing systems. Students gain knowledge of transmission, coding and processing of information, design of radio electronic devices, systems and complexes using modern integrated development environments;

- remote sensing of the Earth for study of natural disasters, cyclones, diseased plants, floods, monitoring the movement of vehicles and more;

- mobile telecommunications and digital television systems. Students are trained with the use of new generation mobile technologies and interactive television systems;

- digital processing of signals, processes and images, which enables application of  a wider range of algorithms to the input data and avoidance of such problems as noise and distortion in the processing operations;

- biomedicine and medical diagnostics systems. Within the framework of scientific operations of the university development of microprocessor equipment for medical systems of diagnostics, methods and algorithms of signal processing in diagnostic systems are carried out;

- microprocessor devices for digital signal processing and programming. By solving complex software or optimal control problems, microprocessors significantly improve technical and economic characteristics of modern radio electronics systems;

- avionics of modern robotic aviation complexes taking into account control systems of modern aircraft.