101 Environmental Studies | ХАІ
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101 Environmental Studies

The objects of activity of graduates of this specialty are the structure and functional components of ecosystems of different levels and origins; anthropogenic impact on the environment and optimization of nature use.

The aim of the study is to form higher education students a complex of knowledge, skills and abilities for use in professional activities in the field of ecology, environmental protection and balanced nature management.

Preparation is carried out at the Department of Ecology and Technogenic Safety (Department 106)

Training is conducted according to the following educational programs:

Educational programEducational degreeForm of studyTerm of study
Ecology and Environmental ProtectionBachelor's degree based on complete general secondary educationFull-time and part-time3 years and 10 months
Ecology and Environmental ProtectionMaster's degree, educational and professional programFull-time and part-time1 year and 4 months

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