053 Psychology | ХАІ
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053 Psychology

The objects of study of students of this specialty are mental phenomena, patterns of their occurrence, functioning and development; behavior, activity, actions; interaction of people in small and large social groups; psychophysiological processes and mechanisms underlying various forms of mental activity.

The purpose of training is to train specialists capable of solving complex and practical tasks in the process of training and professional activity in the field of psychology, which involves conducting scientific and project research and/or implementing innovations and is characterized by the uncertainty of conditions and requirements, and the implementation of professional activities taking into account universal human values and norms of the psychologist's professional ethics, the formation of scientific ideas about the nature of the psyche, about the methods and results of the study of mental phenomena; development of the ability to apply psychological knowledge in the conditions of professional activity.

Preparation is carried out at the Department of Psychology (Department 704)

Training is conducted according to the following educational programs:

Educational programEducational degreeForm of studyTerm of study
PsychologyBachelor's degree based on complete general secondary educationFull-time and part-time3 years and 10 months
Psychological consultation and psychotherapyMaster's degree, educational and professional programFull-time and part-time1 year and 4 months

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