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Profile of the educational and professional program
"Rocket and Space Complexes"

General information about the educational program

Full name of the higher educational institution and structural subdivision: National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", department of structures and design of rocket technology

Degree of higher education: Bachelor

Qualification in the diploma: Bachelor in aviation and rocket and space engineering under the educational program "Missile and Space Complexes"

The official name of the educational and scientific program: Rocket and Space Complexes

Type of diploma and scope of the educational-scientific program: Bachelor's diploma, single, 240 credits, term of study 3 years 10 months.

Availability of accreditation: Accreditation certificate: Series UD No. 21001693, issued on February 20, 2018. Valid until July 1, 2024

Cycle / level: first bachelor's level NQF of Ukraine – 6 level, FQ-EHEA – first circle, QF-LLL – 6 level.

Prerequisites: A person has the right to obtain a bachelor's degree, provided that he has a complete general secondary education based on the results of an external independent assessment (entrance tests) or the educational and qualification level of a junior specialist

Language (s) of instruction: The language of instruction is English

Term of the educational-scientific program: Before the introduction of a new educational rogram 

The purpose of the educational and professional program:

To provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills and abilities sufficient for the successful performance of professional duties under the educational and professional program "Missile and space complexes", specialty 134 "Aviation and rocket and space engineering" and to prepare for successful mastering of more complex programs for design technicians .

Acquisition of competencies sufficient for solving specialized and practical tasks related to the development, production and (or) certification of aviation and rocket-space technology, its engines and power plants, structures and systems.

Suitability of graduates for employment

Suitability for employment: 

Academic rights of graduates: 

Teaching and evaluation

Teaching and learning: 


Characteristics of the educational and scientific program  Graduate competencies Program learning outcomes

Resource support for the implementation of program Academic mobility List of components

Educational and professional programs Summary, structure and components

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