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Summary, structure and components
of the educational and professional program

Management is a type of work activity on management of collectives of people and the organization of activity of the enterprises.

The educational program provides the acquisition of basic competencies necessary for managers to work in enterprises of various sectors of the economy. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills needed to determine the directions of development and goal setting of enterprises, organizational design, staff motivation, planning, management, control and analysis of enterprises, problem identification and justification of management decisions, use of special information technologies in professional activities. The educational program provides skills of interaction, leadership, team and independent work, flexible thinking, openness to new knowledge.

Management as a type of work is a mental work, as a result of which the process of managing teams of people is carried out.

Management tasks include:

- creation of an enterprise (organization),

- definition of its mission, goals and development strategy,

- design and construction of management system,

- management of its current activities.

The work of the manager consists of successive actions from forecasting future activities, setting goals and planning activities to achieve them, organization, motivation and control of plans, to the analysis of the result.

Management as a science devoted to the problems of human management, was formed in the early twentieth century. F. Taylor and A. Fayol are considered to be the founders of labor management and scientific organization. Science management summarizes practical experience and develops more advanced methods, forms and standards of management of enterprises and organizations. Some scholars see management as the art of doing work through other people.

Effective management is the ability to apply exactly those management methods that meet the characteristics of the enterprise and its external environment over a period of time.

Guarantor of educational program:


Dr. Econ. Sciences, Professor, Department of Management

Doronin Andrii

[email protected]


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