134 Aerospace Engineering | ХАІ
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Templates of training plans for the specialty:
134 "Aerospace Engineering" (набір 2022 року)

Blocks of disciplines






Professional component (by specialty) 

Modeling and calculation of processes in aerospace engineering

(6 credits)

Pedagogy and pedagogical training

(5 credits)


Composite structures in aerospace engineering

(5 credits)

Reliability and resource of aerospace equipment

(5 credits)

Disciplines of individual choice

Problems of human safety in production and everyday life

(4 credits)

Issues of intellectual property and scientific and engineering developments

(4 credits)

Scientific schools

(5 credits)

Undergraduate course

(11 credits)

Foreign language by professional direction

(4 credits)


Selective and technical disciplineHard Skils

(5 credits)

Scientific component

Engineering experiment design

(4 credits)

Planning, organization and reporting of research activities

(4 credits)


Practical training

(8 credits)




Qualification work

(10 credits)

Total credits20,019,020,021,0

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