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(preparatory courses)


It is announced the admission of documents on preparatory courses. The admission is carried out from 10-00 till 18-00 on weekdays, room 301, Radio and Automatic Control System building. Admission Regulations are published on a website in the section "Admission Regulations to PhMS". There are two directions of preparation courses: technical and humanitarian, and two departments: evening department (one-year and two-year) and correspondence department.

Physical and mathematical school (preparatory courses) of National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" is a special form of pre-university preparation. The big promotion and vocational guidance work is carried out to attract students attention. PhMS KhAI has to help senior pupils of comprehensive schools to choose a future profession, to give high-quality preparation for admission to higher educational institutions and to give the chance to obtain additional points to EIT on condition of the admission to the University.

The main tasks which are solved by PhMS KhAI:

  • preparation of KhAI future students which correspond to the high requirements to the physical, mathematical and vocational training of the University students;
  • carrying out vocational guidance among school pupils from the city and region schools to attract their attention to KhAI;
  • preparation of pupils for EIT in all subjects of study at the University;
  • improvement of vocational guidance of comprehensive school (lyceums, gymnasiums) graduates by holding introductory excursions on educational and scientific departments of the University, annual thematic conferences devoted to the general scientific and space subjects ("Gagarin's Readings", olympiads, blitz tournaments on physics and mathematics, etc.).

In PhMS KhAI pupils are acquainted with general provisions of the future specialty, expand their technical outlook, inculcate necessary mathematical and physical culture, and improve knowledge in mathematics, physics, informatics, Ukrainian and literature, history of Ukraine, English and biology.

The short history

The development history of PhMS KhAI contains 40 years. In the late 70-ies the prestige of KhAI among technical colleges of Kharkiv was very high, however gradually there was noticeable a reduction of a part of Kharkiv students in many thousands student's collectives of the institute. The main reasons for this negative tendency was decrease in level of physical and mathematical preparation at most comprehensive schools of Kharkiv after their transition to study according to the new programs, increases in the competition of Kharkiv higher educational institutions, and the main reason was old forms of promotion and vocational guidance of applicants which were practiced in KhAI. Therefore in 1977 (the order №158 from 5/24/1997) at the initiative of Vice Rector Frolov S.D. and with the active support of Rector Kononenko V.G. was created pro bono evening physical and mathematical school (PMS) of KhAI.

The Pedagogical Council of PhMS headed by the Vice Rector for academic work was created for management and control of the school’s activity. Nowadays the structure of this Council includes Head of Pre-university Education Department, responsible for the work of PhMS, Head of Educational and Organizational Department and Responsible Secretary of Admissions office. Operational management is carried out by responsible for work (director) of PhMS and its deputies.

The associate professor of Automatic Chair M.I. Pidlisnyi was the first director of PhMS who made a big contribution to school formation. Since 1985 associate professor of Reception and Transfer Devices Chair K. D. Abramov has appointed on this post. Since 1987 the director of PhMS is the professor of Aviation Devices and Measuring Equipment Chair G.O. Cherepashchuk who done a lot for improving study prestige in PhMS KhAI increased the preparatory quality of future students and created the special brand "PhMS KhAI". In 1977 was held a competition on the best emblem of a physicomathematical school which in forty years hasn't lost the essence and still decorates all promotion materials of PhMS.

Responsible for work of PhMS KhAI is professor Cherepashchuk G.O.

Responsible for work of PhMS KhAI isprofessor Cherepashchuk G.O.

After creation in 1989 the Professional Development and Pre-university Preparation Department in KhAI, PhMS became a part of this department and its structural division. Since December 1, 2015, PhMS KhAI is a part of new Pre-university Education Office headed by associate professor Andrey Vladimirovich Makovetsky.

Senior teacher Gavrykova I.G. gives classes in physics

Senior teacher Gavrykova I.G. gives classes in physics.

The first years PhMS had only a one-year evening department with three disciplines: mathematics, physics, and introduction in the specialty. In 1983 two-years study program department was created for preparation to admission to the new perspective specialties for senior pupils of comprehensive schools, in 2000 – correspondence department was created which enrolled senior pupils from other schools of Ukraine where there were no PhMS KhAI branches. Besides, to the all-technical direction since 2005 had been added also humanitarian direction which has existed till 2012. Since November 2015 preparation on humanitarian disciplines (English, history of Ukraine and biology) has been carried out as additional.


Veterans of PhMS are Fesenko V.T. and Gladchenko E. M., associate professors.

The management of PhMS could proudly say that in 40 years of PhMS work the qualified pedagogical staff was created, there were strong traditions of teaching which give the chance to train annually more than one hundred future students. The head of the physics cycle, associate professor O.M. Gladchenko, who had worked in PhMS from the date of its creation, and the honored teacher of mathematics cycle, associate professor V.T. Fesenko, had authority for a long time. Their lecturing skill, ability to explain to each student the solving of the most difficult task excited general admiration of all generation of students. A lot of graduates, who have finished KhAI long ago, still remember them with gratitude. Today veterans are replaced by their younger colleagues – M.V. Varminsky (teacher of physics) and O.M. Shekhvatova (teacher of mathematics). During many years I.G. Gavrikova, L.M. Ignatova, O.L. Zaydenvarg, Yu.O. Ivanov, S.V. Oliynik, O.M. Bogdan, M.L. Bessarabova, T.V. Funikova, I.G. Ivakhnenko, E.S. Menyaylov, V.B. Selevko taught future students. Their energy, persistence, aspiration to improve own work, application of the advanced teaching techniques, completely compensate for the lack of experience. Under the leadership of the senior colleagues, they quickly became familiar with traditions of PhMS, consolidated and improved them.

Senior teacher Shekhvatova O.M. gives classes in mathematics

During the work PhMS KhAI has completely realized expectations concerning its organization, and has filled up KhAI more than five thousand students, mainly – Kharkov citizens captured by the future profession. Classes in PhMS were attended by more than nine thousand senior pupils of comprehensive schools from Kharkiv and region, and nearly seven thousands of them (about 80%) – have overcome all difficulties of gaining knowledge and skills with success and have obtained the diploma of PhMS. In recent years the diploma of PhMS is gained by 80 to 150 listeners, 90–95% of them become students of the state-financed education both at KhAI and at the other higher educational institutions.

Physical and mathematical school today

Preparatory courses have two evening departments with one-year and two-year programs of study and correspondence department. The one-year study lasts eight months; the academic year is divided into two semesters each discipline has examinations at the end of the course.

The examination of Ukrainian language

Study at PhMS KhAI is carried out according to the schedule of classes (two connected lessons). Classes on the evening department last from 17-45 till 20-05. Classes on correspondence department are given once a month (the last Saturday) from 9-30 till 17-10. Forms of work: lectures and practical training. The semester schedule of classes is made for each department. Classes are given by the qualified teachers of the University according to the training programs and plans which are annually approved by the Vice President for academic work. Leading experts of departments hold meetings during all academic year with listeners, help them to cope with a huge amount of information on different specialties, to prepare for thematic conferences, olympiads, and competitions. It should be noted that the listener of PhMS not only carefully prepare for EIT, but also participate in various scientific and entertaining events: the contest "Ms. and Mr. of PhMS", "Fight of Brains", in amateur performances and PTA meetings, in the annual olympiads and the conference “Gagarin’s Readings”. All this not only helps listeners to choose future profession consciously, to be prepared qualitatively for the admission to the University but also to adapt faster to student's life, to study successfully and to participate actively in all cultural and scientific events of the University.

Participants of the contest "Ms. and Mr. of PhMS"

Study at PhMS is paid. Payment is carried out on the account of KhAI. The University signs the personal contract with each listener of PhMS on providing educational service in which the rights and responsibilities of the parties are defined.

The quality of PhMS listeners’ knowledge is checked by thematic tests. At the end of the study, listeners pass written final examinations. Listeners who have finished PhMS with positive marks gain the Diploma, and with excellent marks gain the Diploma of Excellence. The Diploma of PhMS gives certain advantages during the admission process to our University which are annually given in Admission Regulations to KhAI.

We are waiting for you!

Report on the admission of PhMS graduates to the higher educational institutions in 2017

Diplomas of PhMS KhAI have gained 88 listeners, among them, 85 listeners (96,6%) were enrolled into higher education institutions of Kharkiv.

80 listeners submitted the application to KhAI, among them 64 listeners (80%) were enrolled: on the state-financed education – 49 (76,6%), on the contract – 15 (23,4%).

On departments: 

  • 1st department: 9,40% (5 – on the state-financed education, 1 – on the contract)
  • 2nd department: 9,40% (5 – on the state-financed education, 1 – on the contract)
  • 3rd department: 14,00% (8 – on the state-financed education, 1 – on the contract)
  • 4th department: 14,00% (8 – on the state-financed education, 1 – on the contract)
  • 5th department: 37,50% (20 – on the state-financed education, 4 – on the contract)
  • 6th department: 4,70% (all – on the contract)
  • 7th department: 10,90% (3 – on the state-financed education, 4 – on the contract)

To other higher education institutions of Kharkiv (KhNU, KhNURE, NTU "KhPI", KhNUBA, KhSAC, NLU, NFU, KhNAHU) were enrolled 21 listeners (24,7%).

The main reasons – they have chosen the state-financed education or drain-away them.

The 3 listeners were enrolled in colleges and schools of Kharkiv because they haven't got enough points of EIT (they failed the third subject and didn’t pass the fourth subject at all).

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