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Host University: Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Mobility program: Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program

Period of mobility:05/02/2018-15/06/2018

Comments:Istanbul Technical University is the best engineering university in the Republic of Turkey and the third oldest engineering university in the world.

Every autumn and spring, KhAI International Relations Department conducts competitive selection of candidates for studying under Erasmus+ mobility program. For participation at the program, you must have a good English knowledge, be a diligent student and have the motivation to learn.

After I was selected as a finalist, it was necessary to sign some documents, select classes that will be studied in Istanbul and pack luggage. All documents were signed fairly quickly, almost all classes were same with classes at KhAI, and those that didn't match, my department allowed to re-pass.

At ITU, I immediately noticed for myself that studying abroad is different from ours. They don't have common groups for each major and if you don't attend classes or cheating on exams you might get kicked from the university. Students don't have much time for partying and stuff, there is a lot of homework in engineering majors, but it's still worth it.

In general, studying at Istanbul Technical University is very different from studying at KhAI. and is more similar to the American system. I've noticed many things both about the university and student life, and Turkey itself with its beautiful culture and nature. But for a story about everything one comment isn't enough. However, I'm always available for all of the questions about studying in Turkey. Set your goals, don't give up, and you'll certainly succeed.


Host University: University of Trento, Italy

Mobility program: exchange program Erasmus+ ICM – bachelor

Period of mobility: 10/09/2019-10/02/2020

Comments: University of Trento gives a huge amount of opportunities for your academic and professional career. Flexibility in choices of your future subjects makes you manage your priorities and concentrate on the courses that you need the most in terms of your preferences. University staff and facilities are awesome and any exchange student is going to have everything to feel comfortable to reach their goals.

Apart from the University it’s hard to omit the fact that an upcoming student will for sure fall in love with the beauty of Sudtirol and South of Italy. What can be better than seeing Italian Alps from the window of your classroom or make a short break and visit Innsbruck or Venice on a weekend? The region has perfect location, culture, history and places to see that you will find hard to visit all during only one Erasmus period.



Host University: University of Trento, Italy

Mobility program: exchange program Erasmus+ ICM – bachelor

Period of mobility: 11/09/2019-10/02/2020

Comments: It was a great chance for me to get European education at University of Trento due to Erasmus+ Exchange Program. Personally for me this program was full of exchanging experience with other guys from all over the world. We could discuss different engineering problems with students from Italy, China, Spain, Honduras, Chile, Mexico.

All professors are so responsive and high qualified. They are ready to share their knowledge. Certainly, possibility to travel around Europe is pleasant bonus for each student. So, it was amazing experience, which is able to broaden the horizons.


Host University: University of Trento, Italy

Mobility program: exchange program Erasmus+ ICM – bachelor

Period of mobility: 11/09/2019-19/02/2020

Comments: Erasmus in Trento is the best thing that could have happened to me. These 5 months were extremely interesting, full of events and trips around Italy.

I really enjoyed my stay in Trento. University provides students with comfortable accommodations and free circulation pass. Staff of International Mobility Office is very attentive and helpful. One should note here that it is necessary to know that you have someone to turn to for help while being in a foreign country.

Education level and standards of teaching at the University are undoubtedly very high.

As for me, probably, the most important aspect among all was meeting new people from all over the world. I had neighbors from Italy, Mexico, India, Philippines, Brazil etc. The atmosphere in our block was cozy, friendly and multicultural. We often had parties or made dinners together.

Host University: Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Mobility program: Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program

Period of mobility: 05/02/2018-15/06/2018

Comments:I was an exchange student at Istanbul Technical University, for one semester and the experience was simply fabulous.

Everything about ITU was different from my home university and I made the most of this opportunity by taking some really cool classes and working alongside some excellent professors.

Also, a good thing to note is that the campus is huge and a little bit isolated and it was not in the heart of the city center. They have their own gym in the common area, study rooms, libraries, and some canteens that have good quality food, for very low prices. I felt that Turks in general and the campus community in specific are very welcoming and friendly, which helped me to feel at home very quickly. 

Istanbul is a perfect city for student life, there is no way to get bored, it offers so many places and attractions you can visit and nicely spend your free time. Although Istanbul is considered to be a Turkish/Asian city it is actually really European. I spent about four months there but I still didn’t have time to visit everything on my sightseeing list. Also worth mentioning that my student ticket allowed me to save lots of money with student discounts for different tourist sights which is very nice.

Being an exchange student has been an important chapter of my life. It is something that you would definitely not want to miss as a part of your university life. I am very glad that I took part in the program and I would like to say a big thank you to the International Relations Office of both Universities and program Erasmus.


Host University: University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Mobility program: MITACS Globalink Research Internship

Period of mobility: June 2018 - October 2018

Comments:Before studying in Turkey under the Erasmus+ student exchange programme, I submitted documents to the MITACS Globalink Reserach Internship, which I found on the KhAI International Relations Department page on Facebook. And in the summer, after finishing with Istanbul Technical University I successfully flew to Canada. First of all, I want to talk about the process of submitting documents.

The submission wasn't difficult, but the search for projects was. There are a lot of projects you can apply if you're an engineer. But during the search I came across with a topic related to my research at KhAI. That was the thing, I chose the topic as my first priority and then had more sureness that I'll be accepted.

After an hour-long interview with the host professor, I was accepted into a program with a topic related to plasma technology. A week later, another professor from different university with my second priority topic called me, but conversation with him lasted only about 15 minutes. I told him that I had been already accepted with different professor. We wished each other good luck and never talked again.

I've been with plasma technologies since the end of the first year of studying at KhAI. This is a narrow topic and I didn't expect that I'd find something similar from MITACS. The Canadian professor, by the way, knows the head of plasma laboratory at KhAI by his articles, which came as a surprise to me. The world is small!

I hope that the internship in Canada will bring not only a good point for a future career, but also future cooperation between UofS and KhAI in terms of electric rocket engines.

You may have some questions regarding the Globalink Research Internship, but you can always contact me. Good luck!

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