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Extract from Regulations on settlement and residence in campus dormitory of National Aerospace University

Basic principles for accommodation and residence in University dormitory.

Accommodation in a dormitory is held by the decision of the head of the University under the agreement with student self-government institutions and primary student trade union. Under resolution on provision of room in the dormitory the head of the university or campus administrator on his behalf concludes an accommodation contract with a resident and gives him a warrant which is the only basis to accommodate and reside in the designated residential location. Dormitory address and room number are indicated in the warrant.

Residence in the university dormitory lasts within an academic year, including vacations, unless otherwise is provided for by a contract.

Housing in the university dormitory is held:

  • from August 20 to September 25 – for students, graduates, doctoral candidates and personnel;
  • from August 20 to November 15 – for foreign students and students of preparatory department for foreign citizens.

Principles for accommodation of foreign students and graduates:

  • the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens provides information on the number of students of the preparatory department, students, graduates from foreign citizens and agrees the housing distribution for their accommodation with the campus administration;
  • housing of foreign students of the preparatory department, students, graduates is carried out after passing an appropriate medical examination under enrollment order and housing referral provided by the dean of the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens; a residence contract is concluded with each resident;
  • taking into account a specificity of education, foreign students of preparatory department and those who are studying at the university in foreign language are accommodated in separate dormitory premises;
  • housing of all other foreign students is under general conditions.

Payment for accommodation in the University dormitory:

  1. The exact payment for accommodation in dormitory is approved by the Rector of the University and is calculated according to the laws, fees, procedure of settlements for utilities depending on the level of housing comfort and is agreed with the student self-government institutions and primary student trade union. The payment rate for accommodation in the dormitory should be brought to the residents’ notice;
  2. Payment for accommodation in campus dormitory is fulfilled by residents for the whole period of residence including holidays;
  3. The payment rate for accommodation in the dormitory can be changed by the corresponding rates change in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and orders of the rector of the university;
  4. The basic accommodation price consists of bed maintenance cost and housing services. Mandatory services for bed maintenance provided for the dormitory residents are the following: 
    • dormitory equipment maintenance;
    • disinfection, disinfestation and disinsection;
    • security and fire alarm system;
    • repair and maintenance of dormitory premises and its equipment;
    • laundry and linen renewal;
    • security on keeping premises clean.
  5. The payment rate for accommodation for full-time contract foreign students, graduates, doctoral candidates and students of the preparatory department for foreign citizens is consisted of mandatory services cost required for bed maintenance and utility costs depending on the number of residents in the room, type of the dormitory and room area;
  6. Subject to free room availability, dormitory residents can occupy more living space (more than one bed), in which case payment for accommodation is set in the amount of actual costs in proportion to space requirements according to the accommodation contract.