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Student life

The National Aerospace University KhAI offers for its students, faculty and staff a unique atmosphere embracing a vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities. There is an ample opportunity to nurture all kinds of talent in students. 


As an aviation University, NAU KhAI encourages air sport growth and development. In our Hang Gliding Club, established in 1976, more than 50 hang gliders were designed and manufactured. Today it counts dozens of members, who constantly conduct trainings and perform flights. Experienced trainers of Paragliding Club provide training in paragliding for students and for anyone interested. Flights are performed almost each weekend in Kharkiv and twice a year in Carpathian Mountains.


NAU KhAI has all necessary conditions to ensure its students with strong health and physical growth and development. Swimming pool, boxing, wrestling, sport games, weightlifting and body-building halls, climbing simulator and ski center accommodate various NAU KhAI sport clubs. All clubs are under the supervision of high-qualified experienced sportsmen whose trainees have won more than 150 national, European and world championships and cups for the last 10 years. Also, indoor field-and-track and outdoor stadium equipped with all necessary facilities are opened all year round for everyone who desires to improve health or just play sport games.


NAU KhAI’s wind band amounts more than 40 musicians whose work constantly keeps students interested in music. The band’s wide-ranging repertoire includes famous pieces of classical music, different arrangements, modern jazz and symphonic compositions etc. Also, talented singers have the opportunity to join one of 2 NAU KhAI choirs. For amateurs NAU KhAI organizes different concerts, shows and competitions.


NAU KhAI dancing has more than a 30-years history. Professional worldclass dancers perform trainings in different dance styles, including Latin, European, Caribbean, bellydance, contemporary, modern, cheerleading, tribal-dance, etc. Dance groups are organized by age and attainment level. The dancing team provides its members with warm and encouraging environment, bright emotions and individual approach and aims to share its love for dance through lessons, competitions and organizing shows.


For all beauty and art lovers with creative thinking KhAI’s Art Studio and Fashion Theater are always opened. Admirable paintings of Art Studio members are presented at the local, regional, state and international exhibitions and festivals. The Fashion Theater members participate at different fashion projects, advertising actions, shows and festivals.


Each May NAU KhAI celebrates the University Day. The alumni from all over the world come to Alma Mater to meet their mates and visit academic buildings. The festive occasion begins with the parade of students, teaching staff and personnel accompanied by welcoming speeches and greetings from the University rector and special guests. At this event, NAU KhAI stadium holds an exhibition of hang-gliders, autogyros and aircraft made by students and staff. The sky is filled with aircraft models and all comers can perform a short flight on a hot air balloon. In the evening NAU KhAI’s creative groups (dancers, musicians, etc.) organise a great talent show. Traditionally, the day is finishing with festive fireworks. Another traditional festival is the annual freshmen “students initiation”. The event, which is similar to the University Day, takes place in late August. Also, for each national holiday gala concerts are given for all NAU KhAI members.