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Procedure of invitation

There are two admission waves per year:

  • Fall intake (Admission process for Fall intake starts in May and finishes in September);
  • Winter intake (Admission process for Winter intake starts in November and finishes in February).

Students who want to study at the National Aerospace University have to get an invitation for training from the University. The form of this invitation is an official document validated by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine.

Only when having got the original of the invitation and having filled it out properly the foreign citizen is permitted to enter into Ukraine for a training.

The student should send application with the desired major to the following e-mail ( along with their academic documents for consideration.

After reviewing the application form the prospective student is requested to send the following information for issuing the invitation:

On the basis of this information the University draws up an official invitation for a training and sends it to the applicant.

The delivery of invitation has three options:

  • invitation can be sent via regular national post;
  • invitation can be sent via express delivery service which delivers documents in three-five days;
  • invitation can be taken on-site.


In compliance with the acting Regulations the entrance for a foreign citizen who wants to study as the 1st year students should enter Ukraine within the period from 15.08 to 30.10 of current year for Fall intake and from 02.01 to 28.02 of current year for Winter intake.

The cost of the invitation for training and the service of visa support are not included into the cost of training and shall be extra paid. Invitations for the upcoming academic year are issued since mid-May. In addition, prospective student should pay the visa support fee to the account of Ukrainian State Center for International Education.