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Aircraft engines and power plants
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Briefly about the department:

The Faculty and Department have the unique classes of gas turbine and piston aircraft engines, created for the last 70 years, the large numbers of laboratory stands and computer classes. The Department is known in the country and CIS to be industry scientific center actively working on technical diagnostics and automatic control of aircraft and automobile engines, thermal condition, strength, service life and reliability of aircraft engines and power plants. 

Major subject: Aircraft Engines and Power Plants (AE and PP) 
Direction: Aviation and Cosmonautics 


  • Computer designing of AE and PP

The object of instruction is the computer-aided design of aircraft gas-turbine engines, power units, assembly units as well as control systems created on their basis. Students get classical knowledge in the area of AE and PP emphesizing the knowledge and application of contemporary computer technologies.

  • Computer diagnostics of aircraft and automobile engines

The creation and operation of systems of computer diagnostics of aircraft, tank and automobile engines, and also gas-turbine drives is one of the most claimed in Ukraine and beyond its limits direction for training students. .The Department's laboratory of engines diagnostics successfully works in this direction. It performs orders of the leading aircraft-engine and gas transport enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and distant foreign countries including USA. 

  • Higher mathematics 
  • Experimental and theoretical physics 
  • Information science 
  • Chemistry 
  • Engineering and computer graphics 
  • Theoretical mechanics and theory of machines and mechanisms 
  • Life safety measures 
  • Bases of ecology 
  • Engineering materials science 
  • Theoretical bases of control
  • Engineering bases of aerospace equipment 
  • Structural bases of aircraft engines and power units 
  • Functional and information-computing systems of aerospace machinery 
  • Thermodynamics and heat exchange 
  • Aerohydrodynamics 
  • Applied gas hydrodynamics 
  • Theory of blade machines 
  • Theory of air-fed jet engines 
  • Mechanics of materials and structures 
  • Design of machines and mechanisms 
  • Engineering, strength and designing of aircraft engines and power units 
  • Aircraft piston engines 
  • Aircraft power plants and units
  • Bases of aerospace engineering objects modeling 
  • Solid-state simulation of aircraft engine elements 
  • Integrated computer technologies 
  • Reliability and effectiveness of aerospace machinery 
  • Automation of aircraft engines and power units 
  • Physical-chemical bases of technological processes 
  • Manufacture of aircraft engines and power units
  • Interchangeability and standardization 
  • Economy of enterprises 
  • Marketing and management



Disciplines for special study

Special sections of mathematics and mechanics 

Optional disciplines (for independent choice)

  • Computer- integrated designing of aircraft engines and power units 
  • Designing of piston internal combustion engines 
  • Mathematical modeling and perspective diagrams of air jet engines 
  • Resource designing and reliability of aircraft engines and power units 
  • Cooling systems and thermal stability of aircraft engines elements and power units 
  • Systems, assembly units and automation of aircraft engines and power units 
  • Automated systems of diagnostics of aircraft engines and power plants 
  • Vibration acoustics of aircraft engines and power units 
  • Promising technologies of aircraft engine and power units production



Disciplines for special study

Special sections of mathematics and mechanics

Optional disciplines (for independent choice) 

  • Resource designing and reliability of aircraft engines and power units 
  • Computer- integrated design of cooling systems of aircraft engine elements and power units taking into account their thermal stability 
  • Systems and units of internal combustion piston engines 
  • Optimization methods in designing 
  • Statistical methods for analysis of processes



  1. Aircraft engines and power units.
  2. Technical thermophysics and industrial heat engineering.
  3. Aircraft and engine testing.


Yepiphanov Sergey Valeriyevich 

Professor, D. Sc.

Main published works:

Synthesis of control and diagnostics systems of gas turbine engines.

Optimum selection of measured parameters under identification of gas turbine engines.

Principles of conversion of aircraft and ship type gas turbine engines.

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  2. Епифанов С.В., Симбирский Д.Ф., Каплун С.Н. Оптимальный выбор измеряемых параметров при идентификации ГТД (в 3 частях) // Изв.вузов. Авиац.техника.-1989. - №4. - С. 39-44; 1990. - № 1. - С. 57-62; 1990. - № 2. - С. 72-76.
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Symbirskiy Dmitry Fedorovich

Professor, D. Sc.

Main published works:

Temperature diagnostics of engines (film thermometry and optimal estimations).

Automation devices and regulation of aircraft gas-turbine engines.

Vibration acoustics of aircraft engines.

Complex of program and methodological means used to evaluate the aircraft gas turbine engine service life in systems of diagnostic processing of its parameters.

Requirement to precision of gas turbine engines temperature and stressed state monitoring in service life accounting systems.

  1. Симбирский Д.Ф. Температурная диагностика двигателей (пленочная термометрия и оптимальные оценки). //Техника”, Киев, 1976.
  2. Симбирский Д.Ф., Епифанов С.В. Автоматика и регулирование авиационных газотурбинных двигателей // Уч. пособие. – Харьков: ХАИ, 1986. – 93 с.
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  4. Комплекс программно-методических средств для учета выработки ресурса авиационного ГТД в системах диагностической обработки его параметров / Д.Ф.Симбирский, А.В.Олейник, В.А.Филяев и др. // Авиационно-космическая техника и технология: Сб.науч.тр. – Харьков: Нац. аэрокосмический ун-т “ХАИ”, 2001. - Вып. 26. Двигатели и энергоустановки. – С. 163-166.
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Oleinik Alexey Vasilievich

Associate Professor, Cand. Sc.

Main published works:

High-temperature film thermocouples for thermometry of gas turbine engine parts.

Optimization of thermostressed state of cooled turbine blades.

Thermal turbine blades protection by air shield.

Diagnostic models of thermostressed state of gas turbine engine parts under nonstationary conditions.

Thermal stresses in turbine engine parts.

  1. Высокотемпературные пленочные термопары для термометрии деталей газотурбинных двигателей // Методы и средства диагностики газотурбинных двигателей: Сб. науч. тр. - Харьков, ХАИ, 1989. – С. 105-115.
  2. Олейник А.В. Оптимизация термонапряженного состояния охлаждаемых лопаток турбин // Авиационно-космическая техника и технология: Сб.науч.тр. –Харьков: Гос.аэрокосмический ун-т “ХАИ”, 1998. – Вып. 5 (тематический). – С. 282-286.
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  4. Олейник А.В. Диагностические модели термонапряженного состояния деталей ГТД на нестационарных режимах // Авиационно-космическая техника и технология: Сб. науч. тр.-Харьков: Гос. аэрокосмический ун-т “ХАИ”, 2000.-Вып. 19. Тепловые двигатели и энергоустановки. – С. 219-222.
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