132 Materials Science | ХАІ
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132 Materials Science

The objects of the graduates' activities are fundamental, applied and experimental research in the field of modern materials science of aviation and rocket and space technology; theory and applied problems of machine dynamics and strength; solid state physics; processes of applying coatings, nanocoatings and obtaining modified reinforced layers, mechanical and physical-technical processing, pressure processing, as well as the latest welding technologies.

The purpose of education is the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, abilities, skills and other competencies sufficient for the production of new ideas, solving complex problems in the field of professional, pedagogical and/or research and innovation activities, mastering the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activities, as well as conducting one's own scientific research, the results of which have scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance.

Preparation is carried out at the Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanical Science and Robotic Mechanical Systems (Department 202)

Training is conducted according to the following educational programs:

Educational programEducational degreeForm of studyTerm of study
Materials SciencePhDFull-time and part-time4 years

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